5 Gorgeous Floral Dresses for Prom 2018

The first day of spring is finally here! It may still feel like winter outside, but we’re so ready for the warmer spring and summer months, and of course prom! So, to help you get in the spring and prom mood, we picked out five of our favorite floral prom dresses. Floral designs are such an on-trend choice for prom, so we hope these dresses give you some ideas on your search for the perfect prom dress.

Blush C1039

Blush Prom style C1039For a bold floral look, we’re obsessed with Blush C1039. This Blush Prom dress features a subtle high-low look, with a hemline that’s slightly shorter in the front to show off your stunning shoes. While the dress is shown above in Ivory/Pink, it also comes in Black/Pink. Continue reading

Top 20 Celebrity Style Influencers for Prom 2018

Whether you are looking for a long flowing classic prom dress or a short sassy semi-formal dress, one can always find inspiration from their favorite celebrities glamorous dresses adorned on the red carpet. It’s not difficult to rattle off the names of the year’s hottest celebrities in fashion. They are taking the fashion world by storm with their massive Instagram followings and creative styles. These celebrity fashion influencers have the power of spreading new styles like wildfire.

Hailee Steinfeld has not only evolved professionally as an actress and singer but she’s upped her fashion game as well. Her fashion-forward yet somehow still age-appropriate look has caught on with teens nationwide. Her stunning look in this red satin Michael Kors gown with her red lip tied in perfectly is a perfect look for prom. Hailee Steinfeld in a red Satin Michael Kors dress on the red carpet.

Bella Thorne’s trendy style choices have put her firmly on the fashion map. She is looking beautiful in a lavender princess gown featuring layers upon layers of tulle fabric.  The front of her dress went to knee level while it gradually grew to full length in the back. The most skin she revealed was her arms and shoulders with this strapless ensemble.  The diamond necklace, watch and rings that she wore compliment the garment totally nailed this red carpet look.   Bella Thorne in a lavender layered dress.

Lorde, a teenage singer and songwriter, rocked this lavender princess dress to the MTV Video Music Awards.  This simple and elegant look is a great dress to find inspiration from for prom 2018. Continue reading

Best Dressed At the 2018 SAG Awards

The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards was held this past Sunday, January 21, 2018. With actress Kristen Bell hosting the event, it was such a fun night! If you’ve seen the SAG promotional ads of Kristen “auditioning” to be the host of the awards, you’ll know the SAG awards is a show that, “celebrates and honors those that have gone unnoticed… famous actors!” Kristen brought that fun comedic sense to the entire show, as the best achievements in film and television performances in 2017 were honored throughout the night.

If you missed the show, watch Kristen Bell open the 2018 SAG Awards below. The actress did a great job balancing comedy with delivering important messages. Of course, she ended her monologue with the most important statement of all: “Frozen 2 is coming out in theaters in 2019!”

While we loved watching the show, we also loved watching the SAG Awards red carpet! With Prom Season right around the corner, all of the red carpet styles had us obsessing over how to put together that perfect prom look. There were so many gorgeous Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet looks, but there were four actresses in particular that caught our eye. Check out who they were below, and how you can get their looks for prom!

Millie Bobby Brown at the 2018 SAG Awards

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is on fire lately, which extends all the way to her fashion choices! The actress rocked such a fun, girly look for the 2018 SAG Awards. She wore a light pink sequined hi-low dress, topped off with converse shoes. She so perfectly dressed her age, which we loved. Continue reading

Fun Facts And Stats About Prom

Stats and Fun Facts about Teens and Prom

  • 59% of teenagers said they save their money to buy new clothes, while only 34% say they are saving to buy their first car.
  • Teen girls, ages 14 to 17, spend over half of their money on clothing.
  • Teen boys are embracing a new trend and accessorizing new sneakers with their tuxedos and suits for prom. These new kicks can exceed $300 a pair but, at the very least, they can be utilized following the special occasion.
  • More than 50% of students nationwide agree that their prom should have a dress code. That feeling is even more significant for teens in the Midwest, where 71% agreed with enforcing a dress code for prom.
  • A new phenomenon has arrived and teens are now performing elaborate “promposals” that, according to a recent prom survey conducted by Visa, are costing, on average, in excess of $300.
  • According to last year’s Yahoo Style’s Prom Across America survey, between prom dresses and accessories, hair and makeup, prom tickets, and transportation, teen girls are spending in excess of $600 on prom. Others, including the aforementioned study by Visa, estimate that the number is over $900 on prom expenditures per student. That number will only increase for prom 2018.
  • The same Yahoo survey indicated that of United States prom-goers, those in the Northeastern states spend considerably more money on prom than teens in the rest of the country. Interestingly enough, despite spending more money on their attire, Northeastern girls are more likely to select a dress based on its ability to be worn or re-styled for future occasions.
  • Teens, as a whole, spend over $100 billion annually. In excess of $5 Billion, in total, will be spent going to prom in 2018.
  • Approximately 5 million prom dresses are expected to be sold for prom 2018, totaling over $1.5 billion in retail sales.
  • The average girl expects to pay approximately $350 for a prom dress in 2018.
  • Prom-goers start looking for their dress approximately 12 weeks before the special event, though we’d advise starting even earlier than that. If you want to grab the dress of your dreams, you’d be wise to act quickly. The hottest styles sell out fast!
  • Over 60% of students expect their parents to foot the bill for prom.

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