Overall Rating: 97.14%
Average Rating: 9.71/10
Let me start by saying... I have a terrible fear of shopping online! That being said, we live in a fairly desolate area in the middle of Iowa and there are very little options for prom dresses in the area. Though I tried to encourage my daughter to find something locally, she simply didn't like anything that was nearby. You know, teenage girls! Anyhow, she discovered this site and after enough prodding, I gave in and bought her the dress she absolutely had to have. The dress arrived and was everything she hoped and I was relieved. I wouldn't hesitate to order from here again. A+
Michelle Anderson
I went to a local boutique and fell in love with Hannah S. style 27829. Unfortunately, they only had the dress in a size 8 and I needed a size 4. I searched high and low before coming across this site and was thrilled that not only did they have the dress in stock but it was more than 50% off the price that the size 8 was selling for at the boutique. Ordered immediately with standard shipping (since it's free) and received the dress 4 days later. It was in perfect condition and I was an estatic customer. If you haven't taken a look at their sale dresses yet, do yourself a favor and head over there, it's amazing how much some of the dresses are discounted.
Angie Blackwell
I ordered the dress with second day air but received an e-mail saying that the dress was at the warehouse and would take several days to ship. I was able to upgrade the shipping to a rush delivery and was able to get the dress in time for my event. It was gorgeous. The communication with the new-prom-dresses.com was prompt and overall I am very satisfied with the experience.
Sarah Goldschmidt
My daughter fell in love with a dress for prom and we had looked everywhere for it. It was sold out everywhere. We e-mailed to check to see if they had it and my daughter was thrilled. Me, not so much, since I was buying. Of course, I was happy for more daughter but was still hesitant about ordering online. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the promptness of delivery, I think it was only 3 days. Also, the packaging of the dress was done beautifully and you could tell it was handled with care. My daughter is pleased, so dad is a happy guy.
Benjamin Harris
I bought a dress that was on sale. I was really worried because it was so inexpensive but it arrived and was just as beautiful as it was in the picture. I'm looking through more of their sale items now. :-)
Felisha Gomez
Ordered a dress for my daughter and 2 days later it was at my doorstep. Couldn't possibly be faster or more effecient. Unfortunately, my daughter didn't love it once she tried it on. We sent an email to support and received a telephone call just minutes later. They issued a return authorization and sent a return label straight to my e-mail. My daughter selected another dress. Two days later, new dress at the door. This one my daughter loved and can't wait to wear to her prom. Class act organization from beginning to end. 10 Stars!
Angela Ford
My dress arrived today and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. It is a little big in the bust area but that was expected so I have a seamstress ready to take it in. The whole experience was wonderful from beginning to. I was skeptical and first but would definitely buy from them again.
Samantha McCarthy

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